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 Where do I check the disk utilisation for a CAS-400 or 500 appliance

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Wasfi Bounni posted Dec 07, 2021 11:45 PM

CPU and memory utilisation is under statistics in the CAS web console, but I cannot find any disk utilisation metric in there. Is there a CLI command I need to run to find out this information.

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Broadcom Employee Jacob Miles

Hi Wasfi,

I don't believe there is a CLI command for that. The easiest way to check the utilization would be SNMP. Some of the OIDs of interest provided here.

Hope that helps!

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Broadcom Knight Matthias Geiser
Dear Wasfi,

I believe there is the output of "df" in the troubleshooting file. Ideed:

Utilities -> Troubleshooting -> create troubleshooting log


Best regards, Matthias