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 Azure in China?

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Broadcom Employee Douglas Colson posted Jan 14, 2022 11:00 AM

Can an EmailSecurity SME help me answer the question below for a premier partner?

We are trying to are hunt down information on Symantec email protection and looking to find out if they have a solution for Azure in China?

The customer asking if Symantec has a cloud email security solution that is licensed to be sold and operated out of China under Microsoft Azure  - 21Vianet (Azure China)

Please let me know if you can find this answer.

Thank you!

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Broadcom Employee Martin Line Best Answer
If you mean "can we have an Email Security solution that scans email in Azure in China" then the answer is no. We could potentially scan mail for customers based in China, possibly even with infrastructure based in China, but the likelihood of hosting in Azure is slim, and all of that would need investigation and investment.