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 PGP desktop 10.5.0 issues

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Carlos Moreno posted Aug 25, 2021 11:57 AM

Good afternoon. 

I am having a very hard figuring out an issue that has been happening since some of the users on PGP received new devices.
Everything started 3 months ago when some users received new laptops. They went from having Dell Latitude 7480's (touchscreen) to Dell Latitude 5320's (touchscreen).
While on the Latitudes 7480's with PGP desktop 10.4.1 installed and running Sophos AV and Bitlocker, everything was working fine. 
When they received the new laptops, set up with Sophos and Bitlocker and PGP 10.5.0 installed, they started experiencing Bluescreens at least twice a day. Not every day, but two days could go by without any bluescreens and suddenly they would get them without any warning.

I have reviewed the mini dump files generated by the bluescreen and always get different messages. Some related to the video driver (the touch component). I set up another device for the user that is not touchscreen but same model; bluescreens still happen. That ruled out the video driver.

Other messages point to Sophos being the issue. If that is the case, then why users with the Latitude 7480 don't get any bluescreens considering that they also have Sophos and Bitlocker?. 

I guess my question is the following: Is Broadcom aware of any issues with PGP, Sophos, Bitlocker and possible newer Intel processors not wanting to work together? I will be placing a call with Broadcom next week, but wanted to see in advanced if there were any known issues with this. 

thank you,

Carlos Moreno