Requesting removal of old routing for a Domain

posted 10-27-2020 12:25 PM

I have been struggling to get in contact with someone to get some old routing for a domain no longer protected by MessageLabs removed. Would any be able to point me in the right direction for getting assistance with the following as I'm unable to raise a support case without a site ID and the domain's owner was never a direct customer of Messagelabs.

The domain used to be hosted by a provider who used Messagelabs/Symantec Cloud to protect all their customers. They however cancelled their contract over a year ago and moved things in house without removing the routing on the MessageLabs system.

We didn't realise this was an issue until the domain was migrated to a new e-mail provider and messages sent by MessageLabs/Symantec Cloud customers were no longer being delivered as they were not using the updated MX records pointing to the new provider.
Broadcom Employee
We recognize there is some old config in our system that causes issues like this, and we are working on ways to identify and fix it automatically. In the meantime if you can send me more details of the domains and the owner and preferably their reseller privately I will see if I can get that old config cleared out.

I have the same problem

i have trried for 2 months now and struggling to progress this.

many thanks

John Williams