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Tech Tip: Mainframe Storage products and IBM’s Red Alert notification related to z/OS V2R2 VTOC Alert 

11-08-2016 05:36 PM

Per IBM's Red Alert notification for systems running z/OS V2R2 with DFSMS Secondary Space Reduction (SSR) function enabled (default), there is a potential for loss of access to data on a volume due to erroneous 'End of File' written to the VTOC on z/OS V2R2 DFSMS (HDZ2220) when an AbendE37 is encountered.  

CA products (such as CA Disk, CA Allocate, and CA Vantage) could be affected because of trying to retrieve VTOC information.   If the VTOC is being processed sequentially, the task being run may end normally, but will not detect VTOC entries past the erroneous End of File. This could result in data sets not being selected for Archive, Backup, Compress, Release, Reports, or other processing.   If the VTOC is being processed randomly, other errors could occur.    Most of CA Allocate would not be affected but there may be a chance that SNC2=D may fail SNC2RC=5 if the data set is cataloged on the volume and its VTOC entry was hidden behind the EOF, and there is no VTOC index or it is disabled.  Other affected products are CA Crews and CA Faver.


Please review the Red Alert below for more information and recommended actions. 

IBM z/OS V2R2 VTOC Alert

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