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Nov 19, 2017 10:47 PM

Error / Problem

User try to login to but after key in User Name and Password and hit Enter the browser go back to previous page.

1. Open a browser and goto

2. After clicked Login, enter User Name and Password:

3. While the cursor still at the end of Password field, hit Enter (the Enter key on your keyboard) once no response, hit Enter for the second time, the browser jump back to previous page (image in 1).


Cause of Error / Problem
This error is due to this login page design which restricted user only to click the Login button to login.



1. After both User Name and Password entered, move cursor and click the Login button (or hit Tab key twice to select the Login button and then hit Enter key):

2. Now, user should be logged into with the user name displayed as below:

If there is any problem to perform the above steps, please contact with Customer Care Team.


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