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Support Online: Creating Notifications for Patches and Upgrades for CA Products 

Oct 05, 2016 03:40 PM


If you would like to recieve monthly product notificaitons for things like: new product releases, patches, or critical alerts. Follow the steps below to get started.



1) Log into CA Support
2) Click on the Menu next to "Welcome to CA Support" and select Subscriptions


3) From the Subscriptions page choose any of the notifications options below:

  •  Critical Alert: Defined as a high impact and/or pervasive software problem that has been determined to be critical to the operation of the product, or major impact to the customer's environment, or may negatively impact a large amount of customers.  
  • Advisory: Defined as a moderate or low impact and/or non-pervasive software problem that has been determined to effect the operation of the product in one or more of our customer's environments.     
  • Product Update: Defined as informing customers of product news.


4) Once you have selected the Notification type(s) then "Select a Product" and "Select a Release". These selections will align the proper components to receive future notifications.

5) To complete the "Notification" process, click the "Add Product" link

6) If the update is successful you will see the line "Thank you for subscribing , Your Notification selections have been saved" just below the "Add Product" link.

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