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Jan 15, 2020 04:23 AM

  1. Do all orders need a quote?
    Response: Yes, all orders need a quote
  2. Is eStore only for renewals or net-new as well?
    Response: All orders require a quote in eStore, eStore is for renewals as well as net new/ add-on orders. All renewals are being uploaded into eStore. Requests for net new or add ons will be entered via eStore support which routes through the reps, if quote approved it will get posted to eStore.

  3. When we request a quote, can we set the start date by ourselves?
    Response: For a new quote you would use the Google Form. There is a place to input the start and end date.

  4. DO we need quotes for EDI? When will the EDI be live? When it is live, will we be able to place renewal orders?
    Response: Yes, you will need quotes for successful EDI transmission. EDI is going live in phases with the largest distributors. More information will follow.

  5. Will we be able to order via EDI and eStore alternatively in the EDI countries?
    Response: The entity dictates how transactions will be processed. For distributors where EDI is set up it may be used along with eStore and may be limited in certain countries. Please work with your Partner Account Director.

  6. Will there be connectivity between eStore and EDI?
    Response: Yes, there will be EDI connectivity for order placement and invoicing over time for Distributors, but not all are set up. In the interim, invoicing will be done via email.

  7. Does the feature "Asset lookup* (searching a SN in order to get license details including expiration date) still available within eStore?
    Response: Yes, if you have the serial number you can look up.

  8. When there is an HW order with support will they be 2 separate quotes on eStore?
    Response: If you are ordering at the same time you will only need one quote.

  9. Should SMB renewals and new business be quoted from Broadcom as well or from price list? Should all SMB be booked through eStore as well?
    Response: All transactions require a quote in eStore. You can quote resellers from the price list if no discount, but you will need a quote in eStore created to transact and book against.

  10. What products are in eStore?
    Response: Only Symantec Enterprise products are in eStore (CA/Broadcom products must be ordered via the standard process)

  11. How are Add on orders quoted? Add On’s are co-termed and can take some time from quote creation to receiving customer PO.
    Response: You will need to fill out a Google support request for add on order quotes.

  12. Are fields available to enter the NSP Code or other rebate codes in the tool?
    Response: No. Any non-standard pricing would need to be worked on with the assigned account rep who would get the necessary approvals and create the appropriate quote and then push to eStore. NSP will not be available in the Commercial/SMB segment.

  13. Could you also explain why we need a quote in eStore to place an order via EDI?
    esponse: Quotes are how we track everything, and they are a system requirement.

  14. Will Broadcom be on EDI for orders AND invoicing?
    Response: Yes, this will be a phased approach for selected Distributors.

  15. When will the EDI be live? When it is live, will we be able to place renewal orders?
    Response: EDI is functional for several of the top distributors today. The ramp scheduled for those not using EDI will be made available at a future time.

  16. We previously sent small orders for new orders via EDI, will this be maintained? Shall the order contain the quote #? Is there a contact team/person for the EDI?
    Response: Yes, the order needs to have the quote number. Only a few Distributors have EDI. There is no contact person for EDI. Contact your PAD for EDI related questions.

  17. Will the quote number need to be on the PO sent?
    Response: Yes, quote number will need to be on the PO.

  18. Will we still have access to view orders, download reports and opportunities?
    Response: eStore access will include renewal quotes for booking. You may also view orders and download reports but not opportunities.

  19. Will there also be a form available for download like the CSV form?
    Response: No, we aren’t capturing CSV files, you will need to complete a Google Form for Support.

  20. If the SymOrder quotes, which are valid just now and we are awaiting POs from resellers, will they be replicated to eStore?
    Response: Net new quotes will need to be recreated in eStore via the Google form.

  21. Do we need full end-user information, like Name, Address, Phone number?
    Response: When you are going to book a quote to order, the quote would already have this info. You will need PO, ship to email, ship to contact name, and sold to email. But if you need a new quote, you would create a Google ticket and provide this detail.

  22. Can we process renewal orders and new buy orders in one order? Or do we need to split those?
    Response: You will need separate orders.

  23. Will there be different privileges for a different type of users? (sales, purchase)
    Response: No, there are no different privileges.

  24. How do they process standard price (not quoted from the vendor)?
    esponse: You can price as list price, but the quote will need to be added into eStore, and you will need to get quote for every order.

  25. Is the Business price list still available?
    esponse: No, you will need to use the corporate price list. Margin Builder has been shut down and currency support has been reduced. Therefore, we are no longer offering the business price list.

  26. Why do we need to request a quote when standard buy price is used from your pricelists?
    Response: Every order requires a quote to be tracked.

  27. Do the download options for a quote include all xml, html, excel, and pdf? Or, only select options from this list?
    Response: You can only select options from this list.

  28. In eStore what do the T's & C's say and are they different from the CA terms?
    Response: You'll be able to read through the Terms and Conditions when you get access. These are Broadcom T’s and C’s and are different from the Symantec terms on previous quotes.

  29. Once an order is fulfilled by vendor, what is ETA for us to receive the invoice?
    Response: Invoices are generated within 24 hours of an order being approved (in most cases less time). Upon an invoice generating, an email is automatically sent out by our ERP system to the email address the distributor has provided.

  30. Can you please confirm the order processing time - SLA? once a PO has been submitted to Broadcom.
    Response: Symantec is providing fulfillment of orders. Delivery of software keys are within 48 hours via email.

  31. What kind of delivery confirmation mail will be sent when we order a license product?
    Response: The confirmation will go out via email; we can send as many emails as can be fit in 240 characters.

  32. Will renewals be uplifted in price?
    Response: Renewal increases in price will be determined in collaborate with the sales team if appropriate.

  33. What attachments are we supposed to provide with a renewal, as we haven’t needed that before?
    Response: For orders over 2.5 M you will need to provide hard copy PO.

  34. How will we know when a net new licensing quote request has been approved and loaded/available in eStore by the Broadcom rep so my team can download/obtain Broadcom quote number?
    Response: Quotes can be searched for in eStore which will provide the status. The quote can be accessed, and the details can be downloaded.

  35. If we have an issue downloading any quote from eStore, who can we reach out?
    Response: You would submit a Google Form request for any issues with the downloading of the quotes from eStore.

  36. Can we get examples of ALL quote formats before launching on Nov 11th so we can ensure our tools will work for automation?Response: The training deck provides a quote format that is currently in place. Any additional format changes will be provided as quickly as possible so that the automation can be updated.

  37. How do I provide a long list of SKUs when requesting a new quote?
    Response: In the comments/notes field you will indicate that you have a large number of SKUs and someone from the SRC will reach out to you to request a .xls or similar file via email.

  38. Can resellers submit for a new licensing quote via eStore and have the approved quote notification sent to Ingram?
    Response: Reseller will not have access to eStore, this is for Distribution only.

  39. How do we cancel an order? (Currently, we can cancel an order if a booking status is "hold")
    Response: We don’t allow for canceled orders. If it is submitted but not booked the SRC would be able to cancel. This would need to go through the Google Form to request cancellation.

  40. Do we need to have a quote even if there is no special pricing?
    Response: You can provide budgetary pricing using the price list but any confirmed order that is submitted for booking must have a quote via eStore.

  41. Can pricing be delivered to resellers based on standard distributor discounts?
    Response: Distributors can provide reseller pricing using the price book and standard discount table. Once the customer confirms, the distributor must formally request a quote in eStore and then send final pricing to the reseller. The SRC can provide list price quotes for commercial customers.

  42. Can we send the quote from the system via email or can we only download the file?
    Response: You will need to download the file and email the quote. It cannot be sent directly from eStore.

  43. Can you support 5 years of upfront license proposals?
    Response: It would require an exception. Please work with your sales rep.

  44. Is it possible to access Broadcom eStore concurrently (multiple user) with single id at the same time?
    Response: We have seen it happen, but it is not recommended with more than 2-3 people at a time. The recommendation is 1 id for each person.

  45. Will all POs require that a quote is raised on eStore?
    Response: Yes, even if you have a PO from the reseller, you must have a quote number generated to align with that PO for booking submission. PO’s cannot be submitted for processing without an associated quote. The quote can be downloaded from eStore then the PO can be attached and submitted for booking. The quote number will become a reference number for follow up.

  46. Will it be possible to find Symantec renewal quotes by typing old quote# like IE0000xxxx?
    Response: No, we are not maintaining old numbers. Use the serial number and customer name.

  47. Will all prices be the Distributor Net price? On the old SymOrder, we had a mix of list prices and net price quotes.
    Response: Yes, only quotes will be Net Price (your cost) on the quote.

  48. Can we use the distributor email as they do the customs clearance?
    Response: The Ship To name should be whoever is getting the software/license key.

  49. Is there a limit to the number of “ship to emails” that can be entered?
    Response: The system will only read one email address in the ship to email field.

  50. Do quotes come from Distributors or our sales rep?
    Response: It will depend on the order type (renewal or new) – Distributor (renewal), Rep (new).

  51. Will core and digital quotes be transferred to eStore after confirmation by sales, then distributor will use e store to complete the contract process as well?
    Response: Yes, this is the correct process.

  52. If a quote is rejected, when will we receive the reject email?
    Response: No email, only status update in eStore.

  53. When trying to ask for a price for SEP through eSupport form, the form has changed so that it asks whether you have a PO or not (even though it’s a new quote request). And if you answer no, it returns to the start (it even says, ‘return to start’. And if you answer Yes, then it starts to ask PO number, shipping address etc.
    Response: The Google form does have the PO question on new quote requests. The thought is the Distributor would not need a quote from us for quotes with no discount and are at MSRP or the Distributors "contract" price until they have a PO (or one is imminent) and need to book a deal. That way they would request the quote from us when they know exactly what SKUs to request and the exact start/end dates needed before sending that request in. If we create a quote beforehand and then the dates or something else changes when they get the final PO from the customer/reseller we'd have to have a new quote created.

In addition, we won't be discounting quotes on "commercial" accounts. If they do need a discount on a new quote for one of the Core or Digital accounts, they'd need to work with the rep that owns that acct to create the quote.

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