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Partner Portal - Deal Registration 

Jan 15, 2020 03:46 AM

  1. How does the deal registration process operate?
    Response: Broadcom is simplifying to a single deal registration platform and Margin Builder is no longer available. On Day1 partners will access the new deal registration link from within PartnerNet or the Broadcom Partner Portal. Partners should complete the deal registration form and submit. During the transition period, please expect a 72-hour SLA for processing of the Deal Registrations. In addition to the consolidation to a single platform, Broadcom will consolidate to a single enhanced discount for all metal partner tiers. Watch for more details from Broadcom in the coming weeks.

  2. Are Opportunity Registration and Deal Registration the same thing?
    Response: Yes, when you go to the Dashboard on PartnerNet it is referred to as Opportunity Registration, but they are the same.

  3. Can a partner open a deal registration for a renewal opportunity?
    Response: No, renewal opportunities are not registered via deal registration.

  4. If a partner registers a deal but the deal takes longer than expected, can they extend the registration if they can prove they've been actively pursuing it?
    Response: Yes, a partner can re-register a deal after their approval expires. If the deal meets the deal registration qualification criteria it will be approved for an additional 90 days up to 9 months in total. Partners should contact sales and their Partner Account Director (PAD) to ensure renewal of deals in flight for more than 90 days. No notification will be sent about an expiring deal registration.

  5. Will Tier 2 partners be able to complete a Deal Registration?
    Response: As long as the partner has access to Symantec PartnerNet, they will be able to complete a deal registration.

  6. Who can submit a Deal Registration?
    Response: Distributors can submit deal registration on behalf of their resellers if they indicate the reseller name on the f form. Resellers with access to PartnerNet can submit their own Deal Registration.

  7. Since Margin Builder access is no longer available, how are we registering SMB deals?
    Response: All deal registrations are now handled through the Deal Registration platform and now have a minimum order value of $25K. Anything under $25K will not be approved for registration.

  8. We had an issue with our Distributor telling us a Deal Registration that is not due to expire until January, needs to be reregistered.
    Response: Unfortunately, the Symantec deal registrations were not brought over and will need to be re-registered into the Broadcom systems/process. In most cases, we are honoring the pricing in those deal registrations but will be reviewing them to ensure that they align to Broadcom pricing guidelines.

  9. Will Margin Builder quotes be honored?
    Response: We will do our best to honor all quotes submitted previously but must review to ensure accurate SKU’s and pricing.

  10. Who is the Deal Registration approver?
    Response: The Partner Account Director (PAD) worldwide along with Partner Service team.

  11. What if the reseller which was protected changed in the last minute? How can we refresh the Deal Registration with new reseller name?
    Response: No, you cannot update the existing Deal Registration. The new partner will not receive registered pricing.

  12. Are Deal Registrations viewable in the Symantec PartnerNet Dashboard?
    Response: No, new deal registrations are not visible in the Symantec PartnerNet Dashboard.

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