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Partner Portal - Changing Existing Quotes (Applicable to Distributors Only) 

Jan 15, 2020 04:48 AM

  1. Is it possible to EDIT an existing quote on eStore e.g. reducing user number and/or removing a line like a product that the customer doesn’t want to order anymore and such?
    Response: Users can edit the sold to and ship to email address but, no other edits allowed. Any changes to the quote must be requested via the Google Support form, select renewal support type.

  2. Are we able to do any amendments in a quote already in eStore? Change of qty, dates or reseller? Or do we need to create a ticket in Google form?
    Response: No, please amend via Google request form.

  3. Can we request an order correction?
    Response: Yes, through the Google forms.

  4. With the chat tool being retired is the only point of contact the Google form method? What’s the SLA with the Google form? We receive renewal quote requests where the reseller does not provide serial numbers, for example, how do we submit renewal quote requests without full info?
    Response: Once you have the renewal quote from Broadcom and it’s available in eStore, you can see the Serial Number. The more information you have about the quote and provide in the Google Form, this will enable the support team to respond timely.

  5. What will happen with POs that are open?
    Response: PO’s that have not been booked will require a matching quote in order to be submitted for processing. Any PO’s previously submitted to Symantec but not booked must be re-issued.

  6. Is the Reseller name required?
    Response: Reseller name is highly recommended but is not required.

  7. If we had a quote in SymOrder, that we cannot locate, and it seems to be canceled, what should we do?
    Response: Anything canceled would need to be re-entered into eStore. Please contact the SRC.

  8. What if a user needs access to an ERP account that is not on his/her profile; would the request go through the Google form?
    Response: Yes, this would go through the Google Form.

  9. How should we search for old quotes?
    Response: Old quotes were not brought over. If you do not have a copy you would submit under new quote request.

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