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Partner Portal - Broadcom Strategy/Acquisition Questions 

Jan 15, 2020 03:27 AM

  1. Will Broadcom have a new name for the acquired Symantec business? One for Norton and one for Broadcom?
    Response: The enterprise product line will still be branded as "Symantec" but transacted under CA, a Broadcom Company. We did not acquire Norton.

  2. What exactly did Broadcom acquire?
    Response: Broadcom acquired all assets except the consumer products.

  3. What calendar does Broadcom use?
    Response: Fiscal calendar – November to October. Broadcom’s FY20 year begins on November 4th, 2019.

  4. Will there be general licensing training and when will this take place?
    Response: Partners will follow the existing Symantec Licensing process and all Distributors have received system training for the new eStore.

  5. What can be expected after the acquisition on Nov. 4th?
    Response: The plan is business as usual after Nov 4th with transactions being processed through Broadcom systems. All Symantec transactional systems will be decommissioned on Nov 4 and Broadcom’s systems will be up on Nov 11th. There will be a one-week lapse in order processing.
  6. Do you have any official Symantec Broadcom transition material we can forward to partners/customers please?
    Response: Materials will be posted on the Broadcom Partner Portal and the FAQ can be forwarded to partners but is not relevant to end-customers.

  7. Who will be responsible for the install base accounts now at Broadcom?
    Response: We have brought over members of the Symantec sales team, and the Sales Resource Center (SRC) will know who is aligned to each account in our Core and Digital Segments. It will be a combination of our 3 sales teams (digital), field sales and SRC and the partner teams.

  8. For orders that are placed in Distributors systems that have not been released and booked prior to the acquisition, what is required?
    Response: These orders will have to be replaced in new systems through the new Broadcom process.

  9. Once an order is fulfilled by the vendor, what is ETA for us to receive the invoice?
    Response: Invoices are generated within 24 hours of an order being approved (in most cases less time). Upon an invoice generating, an email is automatically sent out by our ERP system to the email address the distributor has provided.

  10. What guidelines should be followed for new quotes?
    Response: New quotes should be sent out based on the price book using list price and no non-standard discounting should be applied. For existing business from multi partners, there will be a no-bid and list price should be used.

  11. Who can I contact to get help on renewals, pricing, eStore tech support etc.?
    Response: All questions related to pricing and eStore will flow through the Sales Resource Center (SRC) and submitted using the Google Form. Please go to eStore Support to submit your inquiry as there will not be a specific person by country. All inquiries will be routed to the first available person in the SRC.

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