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New Machine Learning Capabilities for Adaptive Thresholding and Visual Analytics Available in CA SYSVIEW 14.2 and CA SYSVIEW 15.0 INC00 

Mar 05, 2018 12:30 PM

March 2018



Dear Valued Customer:


On behalf of CA Technologies, we appreciate your business and the opportunity to provide you with high-quality, innovative software and services.  As part of our ongoing commitment to customer success, we regularly release updated versions of our products. Today, we are pleased to release an update to the machine learning capabilities in CA SYSVIEW Performance Management (CA SYSVIEW).


CA SYSVIEW includes machine learning capabilities to help you and your team visually analyze historical performance of your systems and subsystems, as well as leverage adaptive thresholds to proactively alert you when metrics begin to trend out of normal operating levels. Together, these capabilities help provide additional time on the clock and faster analysis cycles, so you can remediate issues before they become business-impacting incidents.


Updated CA SYSVIEW machine learning capabilities include:


  • New Adaptive Thresholding features:
    • Calendaring for Special Days Allows you to flag specific days of the year when you know that your systems will not be acting normal. On these days, anomalies will be suppressed so you are not flooded with unnecessary noise (for example, a special marketing event).
    • Triggering a CA Mainframe Application Tuner Monitor Allows you to automatically gather application performance analysis based on metrics trending abnormally. When the abnormal situation occurs, a call is made to CA Mainframe Application Tuner, and the monitor summary is displayed in your alert window.


  •  New Visual Analytics features:Reporting and Dashboarding Performance Improvements Improved data access and load times for dashboard widgets and report generators, allows dashboards and reports to be loaded faster when accessed.


For more comprehensive details, refer to the CA SYSVIEW Release Notes.


To realize these new benefits, you must install the optional machine learning component included with CA SYSVIEW.   For more information about the machine learning component, please reference the Machine Learning section of the CA SYSVIEW Documentation.


In addition to the enhancements described above, we released a new package of add-on capabilities. CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence is a new offering that provides advanced IT operations analytics and machine learning capabilities such as multivariate alert clustering, insight sharing to external analytic engines, and support for more data feeds including SMF. CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence is built on the same machine learning technology and analytics engine included with CA SYSVIEW, but is separately licensed. If you are interested in more information about CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence, visit or reach out to the CA team for a conversation.


We are delighted to deliver these machine learning innovations to you and look forward to your feedback.


Need More Assistance?

Should you need any assistance in understanding or implementing these capabilities our CA Services™ experts can help. For more information and how you can leverage CA Services™ expertise, please call 800-225-5224 (North America) or +1 303-262-8300 (International).


For the latest information about CA solutions and services, please visit CA Support Online at In addition, be sure to visit to learn about all of our innovative product lines.


We thank you for your continued support. With CA software, you can rest assured that you have made a solid investment in your business success.


Thank you again for your business.




The CA Product Teams




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