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How to raise a support case in the new Support Online portal 

Sep 15, 2017 11:28 AM

What you need to know before you can you start opening support cases


Before you can open or view a support case using CA Support Online, you will need to register using your Enterprise Site ID. Processing may take up to 48 hours if access requires approvals to the company's Site for which you are requesting access. To avoid delays and expedite processing its strongly recommended to register using your corporate email domain. If registering to a company site that is not your own, please provide name and contact person at company that can provide approval for your access. Once registered you can begin using your CA Support Online account.


Opening a support case using your CA Support Online account


  1. Log into the Support Online Portal.
  2. Once you have logged in you will see the following landing page.
  3. Click on "Case Management" either by selecting it from the scroll down menu under MENU or by clicking on the Case Management Icon



4. Click on "Create New Case"


In the new Support Portal a product will be displayed by default, deleting the initial product, will bring forth a list of all the products you are entitled to.


5. Select the product and fill in all the required fields and click on submit.


 If you cannot find your product under the product list, please read the article on "Missing Products".

Adding a clearly defined "Business Impact" to the case is important, and helps us to clearly identify how the issue is affecting your business, as well as to prioritize cases correctly.


If your request is regarding licenses, account modifications, broken links, education, password resets, portal issues etc. Please use one of the following two options to raise these type of cases.



License Key Requests:


Please note that some License Keys require additional information before they can be generated by our Licensing team. Take a look at this License Document, which will help to expedite your license request.


6. After you submit the case, you will be presented with a screen showing your "Case Number" and other case details.


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