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Support Online - How to create Product Notifications and Alerts 

Sep 12, 2019 07:24 AM

Learn how to subscribe for product notifications and alerts on the Broadcom support portal, including:

  • Critical Alerts - High impact and/or pervasive software problems that are critical to the operation of the product, which have a major impact on our customer's environment, or that may negatively impact a large number of our customers.
  • Product Advisories - Moderate or low impact and/or non-pervasive software problems that have been determined to affect the operation of the product in one or more of our customer's environments.
  • Release Announcements - Product lifecycle notices (GA, EOL, EOS, compatibility matrix, feature releases)
  • Security Advisories - Potential security risks, vulnerabilities, and available remediation’s.

Please refer to the Knowledge base -
Subscribing to Broadcom product notifications and alerts

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