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How to change your screen name 

Jul 24, 2018 05:24 AM

Many users were recently migrated over from the Automic Community site. If you’re one of them, you may have noticed that your screen name here on looks different than before. Your screen name (also known as a display name, alias, handle, or nickname) is the name by which you are identified in the CA Communities. It is the name that appears in posts when you are mentioned using the @ symbol, for example.

Your screen name might not look the way you would like. For instance:

  • It might have a bunch of numbers (your user ID) at the end. E.g., JohnSmith078912.
  • It might include incorrect characters where special characters like umlauts should appear. E.g., JohannFürst instead of JohannFürst.

It is not possible to change your screen name directly in the CA Communities site. This is because the screen name and other profile information are inherited from your main CA profile. If you want to change your screen name, follow the steps below.


  1. Log in to, and go to your main CA profile.

    Click Basic Access.

  2. Your screen name will be displayed along with your other profile information.

    If you want to change your screen name, click Edit.

  3. The screen name must begin with a letter, and may contain letters, numbers, underscores, and dots.

    Enter your desired screen name and click Save.
    Warning: once a screen name has been used before, no one — not even the original user — may use this screen name again.
  4. To make the change take effect on, log out and log back in.

  5. After changing you screen name, you might get an error like this upon trying to log back in to

    SSO Error: An error occurred while attempting authentication through single sign-on (SSO)

    If you see this error, follow these instructions: Unable to access the communities after Alias/Screen Name update(If you still have problems logging in, remove the cookie named saml_request_id for the host, and try again.)

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