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CA Mainframe Application Tuner - New Features, Enhancements and Certifications 

Mar 27, 2019 10:33 AM

CA Mainframe Application Tuner development team brought you a bundle of exciting enhancements and certifications for CA MAT V12, available via regular maintenance stream.

What is new? See detailed description below.


  • Learn More LINK
  • MQ 9.1.0 CURRENCY


What is Learn More LINK:

In order to keep you connected and provide you with the latest information around CA MAT product happenings, both versions (CA MAT V11 via #SO07577

 and CA MATV12 via #SO07227) are now enhanced of interactive Learn More LINK on CA MAT ISPF client Primary Option Menu.


Fig.1 – CA MAT Primary Option Menu Learn More link


CA MAT Learn More page ( also provides:

  • Easy way to initiate quick and direct feedback loop with PM/PO organization or to join our validation community
  • Link to newest video (tutorials, guides, feature showcases) content
  • Direct link to Education portal and Product page


What is PMA PLEX feature:

This functionality allows CA MAT v12 user to set up logical systems for IMS PLEX and CICS PLEX in Performance Management Assistant (PMA) a component shipped with CA MAT. This feature enables monitoring against whole set of registered subsystems and presents aggregated data back to user.

Integration with CA MAT allows generation of a PMA report every time
the monitor is invoked automatically when set in monitoring criteria or on request
using new line command ‘P’ for monitor profile (either latest or historical
measurements). This functionality is provided in both ISPF client as well as CA MAT RAP UI for new monitors / measurements.

To obtain PMA PLEX SUPPORT for ISPF and UI use following links: #SO07689 and #SO07631


Fig.2 – PMA Report Line command in CA MAT Monitor definition screen



Fig.3 – PMA Report option in CA MAT RAP GUI


Fig.4 – System overview for aggregated data


Fig.5 – Transaction view for aggregate system

For more information see following links to feature relevant technical content: Generate PMA Reports.


More of Java enhancements  JAVA IMS JMP:

As part of ongoing CA MAT java capability enhancements CA MAT V12 is now able to display measured IMS JMP region activity grouped by calling IMS transaction, providing more detailed and thorough tuning opportunity identification. To obtain IMS JMP support acquire following Enhancement PTF #SO07641.


For more information see documentation of:  Analysis for Java


What does CSECT DESCRIPTION feature contain:

To have more comprehensive and contextual information for CA MAT v12 users and to provide better ease of use during analysis of measurement. Team had implemented more than 4500 descriptors for CSECTs related to z/OS. This feature is obtainable via Enhancement PTF #SO07227.


New certifications available for CA MAT V12:

Staying on top of currency having CA MAT product bringing you the most accurate and usable information for performance tuning is always our priority. With that official certification for CTS 5.5 toleration has been rolled out and can be obtained via Enhancement PTF #SO07230, as well as MQ 9.1.0 currency can be obtained via regular maintenance stream with #SO06959.




For more information about CA Mainframe Application Tuner V12, see the release notes in CA MAT V12 documentation.



Thank you for choosing CA Mainframe Application Tuner to improve your application performance. Should you be interested in live demo? Update on product direction or POC? Feel free to contact us directly. Together with Product Manager Ekaterina Tumanova (, we are always interested in your thoughts and feedback.


Petr Klomfar (

Product Owner of CA MAT

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