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03-09-2020 08:45 AM

Customers with new Site ID's missing products

Summary: Some Symantec customers are seeing missing products once they are logged into Broadcom Support Portal, Symantec Enterprise Division

Status: Resolved - It has been resolved for many customers, but still pending a global fix.


Endpoint Protection Cloud Products are not listed in My Downloads: 

Summary: Customers are unable to create a case or download Endpoint Protection Cloud Products.

Status: Resolved - The entitlements for this product was not moved during the cutover, but are migrated now.


Symantec products license file is missing: 

Summary: Some customers may see no available license to download although the product is active.

Status: Resolved - This has been resolved for many customers already, but still pending a global fix.


Purchased Symantec product through Estore and the product is now missing to download:

Summary: Users do not see the product in their accounts which were purchased via Estore. Estore products are missing to download. 

Status: Resolved - IT team is looking into it. 

Special Character error while updating the profile: 

Summary: Customers are unable to update their profile due to special character error. 

Status: Resolved - Please follow the below steps to get the issue fixed and try again:
  1. If you are already signed in to the Broadcom website, please sign out
  2. Clear cache and cookies on the browser you are using
  3. Exit the browser and restart it
  4. Sign back into the Broadcom website using your credentials and try again If this does not work, please try doing the same by signing in while using the private or Incognito mode on your browser.
Symantec Enterprise Division is redirecting to Partner Portal:

Summary: Users who are registered as a partner and are trying to access the Symantec Enterprise Software Division are getting redirected to Partner Portal and unable to see Case Management or Download Management. 

Status: Resolved - IT team is working on it.
Certain Symantec product download not available / link broke:
Summary: Customers are getting Blank file after downloading their product from the support portal.
Status:  Resolved Problem is mostly resolved for most customers. The language on some products was default set to "Blank" which caused the download center to generate a blank file. There are a few older releases that still need to be fixed as the download is not working.

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04-29-2020 11:07 AM

Hi All, 

Please forward your concerns using the Customer Care Request Form. Once it is submitted, the team will look into it and get back to you with an update as soon as possible.


04-29-2020 08:20 AM

In my account was migrated with a different user profile. I see my company and email - but user information from another client from the states!
I can not see my licenses (Endpoint Protection Business Edition). I called support - they could not held... just hang up - after a while. can you please get in touch with me. And - my name is not "Walt" - this is a different user....

04-28-2020 11:12 AM

I have no reports available in WSS.

I can't create a support case because it says there is information missing from the ticket but all required fields are completed.

04-27-2020 11:26 AM

Has a lot of interface issues with mobile browsers.  Can't click sign-in button for either type of login option.

03-12-2020 09:38 PM

Another issue:

Virtual agent doesn't accept email address when trying to have a Live Chat

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