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[VIDEO] Modern Mainframe DevOps: Modernizing Mainframe SCM

This video is a replay of our April 2019 webcast. By popular demand, this second installment of our Modern Mainframe DevOps series will address ways to access mainframe SCM safely and securely with modern, off-platform tools like Git and client-side scripting. Whether you’re using CA Endevor,...

Modern Mainframe DevOps_ Modernizing Mainframe SCM.mp4

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[REPLAY] CA Development Environment for z Systems: CA Endevor Perspective

Watch this replay of our August 22 Community Webcast where we dove further into the Eclipse plugin for CA Endevor Software Change Manager, our popular mainframe SCM solution that enables customers to implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery practices.

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[WEBCAST REPLAY] The Intelligent Mainframe: Preventing Fires and Avoiding War Rooms

The Intelligent Mainframe: Preventing Fires and Avoiding War Rooms When systems are running smoothly, all is good – until it’s not. Watch this replay to learn how historical performance data and embedded mainframe intelligence can be used to gain advanced insight and predict when things are...

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[VIDEO REPLAY]: CA Workload Automation ESP r 11 4 Continuous Delivery

The replay of this CA Workload Automation Community TechTalk showcases the CA WLA ESP 11.4 enhancements published as PTFs through continuous delivery, such as dynamic agent configuration, new job types especially Hadoop jobs, triggering sub-applications, automatic setting of hold and dormancy...

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[REPLAY] Tracking Message Flows in DataPower with CA APM

Learn how to configure IBM DataPower appliances to track message flows and view the results in CA-APM’s TeamCenter in this CA Mainframe Performance Management Community TechTalk: Watch this TechTalk and discover how to: Monitor the health and performance of IBM DataPower Track messages...

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The Latest and Greatest in CA OPS/MVS Event Management and Automation

When your organization receives thousands of event messages per day, you need to be able to respond accordingly…and fast. Join CA Technologies OPS/MVS Product Management and Development teams as they demo and discuss the newest features of CA OPS/MVS® Event Management and Automation version...

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Discover Sensitive Data at Rest and in Motion with CA Data Content Discovery

Over 70% of mission essential data resides on the mainframe and the average cost of a data breach is $379M and growing. Are you able to find, classify, and protect sensitive mainframe data? Join Chip Mason, Senior Principal of Mainframe Security Product Management to learn how CA Data...

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Wobtrigs and File Triggers The Good the Bad and the Ugly

This tech talk covered the CA Workload Automation ESP Edition (CA WLA ESP) event-level Wobtrig command that was introduced in CA WLA ESP 11.3. It is used to trigger an event based upon a distributed file being created. Also in this session, you will learn about Application level File...