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Tech Tip: How to cleanup XCOM.LOG file for XCOM LUW (Linux Unix Windows)

Did you know how to cleanup XCOM.LOG file for XCOM LUW (Linux Unix Windows)? You can use the XCOMLOG utility to clear out old messages: Purge the Log File CLEANLOG purges entries from the CA XCOM Data Transport transfer and error log. Run this program on a regular basis to ensure that...

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Tuesday Tips: Can I migrate/convert my current XCOMRRDS?

Starting with XCOM r12.0 you can migrate your existing XCOM r11.5 or r11.6 VSAM XCOMRRDS(RRDS) to the new version 12 format using the XCOMMIGR utility. This can allow any transfer request that are in a request queue to be brought forward to a new release of XCOM without having to reschedule them...