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Tech Tip: CA SymDump for CICS r 9.1 CTS 5.3 compatibility fixes are now available GA.

The CA SymDump for CICS release 9.1 CTS 5.3 fixes are now available GA. Support for CTS 5.3 is only available in release 9.1. The fixes are RO88869 FMID (CABA910) and RO88870 FMID (CABQ910). Once you apply these fixes then you review the install guide and just follow the steps for...

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Tuesday Tip: What is ADRSUB and what function does it serve?

ADRSUB is the DDNAME for the  Internal Reader (IRDR) and is only used with CA Ideal and CA Dataquery.  The definition for (IRDR) in supplied in member VQ14CSD in the CAVQSAMP library for CA IPC r14 and VQ15CSD, for CA IPC r15.   A site can have this dynamically allocated if...

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Tuesday Tip: Received message XCOMN0416E Error Writting ouput file: No such file or directory

If you are running XCOM r11.6 for Windows Server or Professional and have encountered message "X COMN0416E Error writing output f ile: No such file or directory" when transferring a file to XCOM on Windows Server/Professional, check the following:   1. Make sure that the value for...

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Alert sources in NetMaster (displayed on shortcut /ALERTS)

  Alerts in NetMaster (displayed on shortcut /ALERTS) can come   f rom the following sources: a) IP Node Monitor and IP Resource Monitor     Raises alerts based on the performance of specified attributes of IP resources. The alerts  can be: ...

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Tuesday Tip:  VM:Secure can be used to  automatically 'expire' a user ID

VM:Secure does not have a way to automatically remove a user ID. But, with the Rules Facility, an expiration date/time for a user ID can be set so that after the specified date and time the user ID will no longer be able to logon. For example, a contractor is going to work for 2 months. Create...

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Error message "Cannot create IPC channel " during  Agent 11.3 startup on Linux

During the startup of the agent, below error message is displayed: Cannot create IPC channel (No space left on device).  You might need to run "ipcrm -Q 0x41030130" to remove it if it already ex ists.   Running " ipcs -a |grep 0x4103 0130 " does not display this message...

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Tuesday Tip:  Tape cannot be scratched even though the EXPDT is in the past and is not vaulted.

With fix RO62814 we changed the logic in TMSCLEAN to not scratch a tape if the CLOSED bit is not on in FLAG1 and the CDATE is less than 5 days old.  Two problems were found with this fix and fixes RO65431 and RO69505 were written to correct the problems.  Now if TMSCLEAN sees a tape...

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Tuesday Tips: DR recovery of TMC from backup that was encrypted by CA Tape Encryption

If you have encrypted the backup of the TMC and the IEBGENER backup of the audit then you will need to follow these steps to do the restore the TMC.  CA Tape Encryption must be active. 1) Run TMSFORMT/TMSBLDVR to format a dummy TMC large enough to hold the production TMC and TMSFORMT to...