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Tech Tips: How to create a new SMRT in TPX

1. Log on to TPX. 2. Select TPXADMIN 3. Select System Options 4. There will be a list of all SMRT tables. 5. At the command line type in your new SMRT name: example SMRTNEW 6. The next panel will have the new SMRT name. 7. On the SELECT OPTION line, type COPY and the old or the existing&...

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Tech Tips: Can the TPX PROC support MVS symbolics, specifically the &LPARNAME parameter, or does it have to be defined in the TPX PROC?

The PROC for TPX is no different from any other PROC. So, if MVS symbolics work in other PROCs in your environment, they should work in the TPX PROC.   Note: Please check IBM's website for Global and Local MVS symbolics. According to the documentation on IBM's website titled "What...

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Tueday's Tips: TPX Compatibility check with IBM zBC12 processor

TPX is not hardware dependent. You do not need any fixes to install TPX 5.3 or TPX 5.4 on ZEC12 machines..   However, if the SERIAL # is changing, would will need a new LMP Key and would need to contact CA Licensing for the new LMPKey.

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Tuesday's Tip: How to print a TPX ACT Table using TPXBATCH

Listed below is a TPX batch example on how to print the TPX ACT Table(s).  You would need to find the variable names depending on what values you would like to extract from the ACT. This sample will extract the ACTNAME, ACTLABEL, ACTSESS and the VACTTBL.   //BATCHADM ...