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How to LIST all IBMFAC's defined on a System with CA Top Secret.

QUESTIONS: 1.)  Is it possible to list all IBMFAC's defined on a System and across multiple Systems with CA Top Secret ? 2.)  If it is, what's the CA Top Secret command?   ANSWER: In CA Top Secret, ee use IBMFAC determine who has ownership or control over a catalogue,...

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In CA Top Secret Security for z/OS r15.0, is there a complete list of all the Resources that can be controlled with the CASECAUT Class?   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Here is a complete list of...

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Maximum Blocks value for the AUDIT File in CA Top Secret  Security for z/OS - MVS r15.0.

Questions :   1.)  Is there a maximum number of blocks for the 'BLOCKS=' statement for TSSMAINT for the AUDIT files?   2.)  Is a 'large-format' Audit File supported?      Answers :   The Audit Tracking File can be as large as one volume. ...