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Tech Tips: How to administer CA PanAPT when all Administrators have retired

Question: All the administrators defined in CA PanAPT have retired.  How can we add new user id's and set up new administrators in PanAPT?   Solution: 1)  Have your security group temporarily recreate one of the CA PanAPT administrator's TSO ids 2)  log on to TSO using...

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Tech Tip:  LMP Product Codes and their associated Product Names can be found on CA Support Online

The LMP Product Codes and their associated Product Names are accessible from the CA Licensing Page found on CA Support Online   To display the CA Licensing page Login to CA Support Online Click on “Menu” found to the left of Welcome to CA Support Click the link...

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Tech Tip: The CA Support Online Maintenance Download makes it possible to acquire a specific fix and all available dependencies in one action 

Should a specific fix require pre requisites or co requisites, the maintenance download available from CA Support Online allows you to download the fix and all available dependencies in one action. To acquire a specific fix, access the "Published Solutions" and enter the PTF number in the ...

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Tech Tip: CA OPS/MVS - Issuing a command to HISRV results in errors with Reason codes X'530001XC4' and X'01C40034'

Issuing a GETATTR or other command from a OPS/REXX program to HISRV results in one or more of these messages: OPS3092T OI HMCGETAT OPS0349T ADDRESSHWS - DIRECT ENTITY CONNECTION FAILED. HiSrv RC: 12 ; RSC: X'530001C4' OPS0349T ADDRESSHWS - HiSrv SECURITY AUTHORIZATION ERROR - No access...

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Tech Tip: CA OPS/MVS - Command issued to HISRV from CA OPS/MVS fails with OPS3092H containing RSC X'00B60039'

When trying to issue a SETATTR, ACTIVATE or other command from CA OPS/MVS to HISRV, the following error appears in the OPSLOG: OPS3092H OI HWSDLPC OPS3092H HWS error : ADDRESSHWS - NONZERO RETURN CODE: - RC 12 ; RSC X'00B60039' OPS3092H HWSRC= 12 OPS3092H HWSRS= 00B60039 If debugging is...

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Tuesday Tip:  Tape cannot be scratched even though the EXPDT is in the past and is not vaulted.

With fix RO62814 we changed the logic in TMSCLEAN to not scratch a tape if the CLOSED bit is not on in FLAG1 and the CDATE is less than 5 days old.  Two problems were found with this fix and fixes RO65431 and RO69505 were written to correct the problems.  Now if TMSCLEAN sees a tape...