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Tech Tips: How to administer CA PanAPT when all Administrators have retired

Question: All the administrators defined in CA PanAPT have retired. How can we add new user id's and set up new administrators in PanAPT? Solution: 1) Have your security group temporarily recreate one of the CA PanAPT administrator's TSO ids 2) log on to TSO using the administrator's...

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CA Tech Tip : CA Datadictionary and SQL - 14.0 DDTRSLM IMPORT PLAN fails with SQLCODE -20 using a TRANSF file created by running DDTRSLM from RO82735

CA Tech Tip from Karina Pulinx , Principal Support Engineer , for October 16 , 2015 . DDTRSLM EXPORT PLAN ( DDTRSLM is the utility to transport SQL Objects ) ran successfully in the source CA Datacom Multi-User ( MUF ) environment where RO82735 has been installed. DDTRSLM...