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CA Tech Tip from Karina Pulinx, Principal Support Engineer, for May 31,2016 .   After upgrade from CA Datacom 12.0 to 14.0 SQL statement SELECT ENCRYPTION TYPE ,ENCRYPTION METHOD FROM SYSADM.AGGREGATE     fails with SQLCODE -9   ‘ ILLEGAL COLUMN NAME &...

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CA Tech Tip : CA Datacom/DB 14.0 S0C1 DBINRPR - URT RRS=YES after IPL

Tech Tip  from Karina Pulinx , Principal Support Engineer , for October 15 ,2015 .   After IPL of the LPAR where  the 14.0 CA Datacom Multi-User (MUF)  is running some  batch programs are getting a S0C1 abend in DBINRPR +4B48  . Those batch programs are...

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CA Tech Tip : CA Datadictionary Version 14.0 / NO DDWTBL0051 VER BAS

  A database containing SQL tables has been created in test status in CA Datadictionary Version 14.0 . You run a VERIFY DATABASE and  the verification is successful while you were expecting to get message     DDWTBL0051 TABLE IN TEST STATUS NOT SQL...