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Tech Tip: The CA Support Online Maintenance Download makes it possible to acquire a specific fix and all available dependencies in one action

Should a specific fix require pre requisites or co requisites, the maintenance download available from CA Support Online allows you to download the fix and all available dependencies in one action. To acquire a specific fix, access the "Published Solutions" and enter the PTF number in the ...

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TechTip:CA Datacom - what can a zIIP do for me ?

CA Tech Tip from Karina Pulinx, Principal Support Engineer , for May 24,2016 . Lately we have had several z/OS CA Datacom customers , mostly CA Datacom/AD customers , who were looking into buying a ZIIP processor and wanted to know if they could find out now how much work could run on a...

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TECH TIP: How to install CA Symdump batch r 9.1 using CSM for sites not licensed for IMS.

When Installing CA Symdump batch r 9.1 using CSM the apply step fails with the error message below because it can't find IMS.SDFSRESL. My site is not licensed for IMS. GIM54701E ** ALLOCATION FAILED FOR SMP00032 - IKJ56228I DATA SET IMS.SDFSRESL NOT IN CATALOG OR CATALOG CAN NOT BE...