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CA EZT Tuesday Tip: Can CA EZT Toolkit be installed via CSM?

Hi Everyone! I hope that your Tuesday is going well! We have had some questions on our CA EZT Toolkit product lately. Please note that this is a separate product and a separate installation from our CA Easytrieve product. While CA Easytrieve is certainly CSM...

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Tuesday Tip: Resolving ASMA254I error

Good morning, Everyone! If you have you ever upgraded to DB2 release 10 and experienced the following error: ** ASMA254I *** MNOTE *** 2+ 12,HOLD CURSOR NOT VALID FOR DB2 RELEASE LESS THAN 2.3 please know that this error occurs when your DB2RELparameter is set...

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Tuesday Tip: CA EZT "ICH408I OMVS SEGM NOT DEFINED" warning message

Hi Everyone! We have been asked the following question, so I hope that the following Tuesday Tip is helpful to you as well. Receiving "ICH408I:OMVS SEGM NOT DEFINED" message under release 11.6, is it fine to continue with this warning message? The answer to this is: Yes, this ICH408I is...

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CA EZT Tuesday Tip: Identifying your release of CA Pan/SQL

Hi Everyone! Here is information on how to determine which release of CA Pan/SQL you have. Please view the member DQSPSXS load module in your CA Pan/SQL CAILIB. If you do a find on 'XVAR2', then this will then give you the release level. Release 2.4C, the latest release, has a release...

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Tuesday Tip: Where is the DQSMCMD module?

Hi Everyone! I hope that your Tuesday is off to a good start this morning! We are often asked where are the DQ* macros, especially the DQSMCMD macros. Please note that these are CA Pan/SQL 2.4C macros. We also have CA Pan/SQL load modules. These are not delivered in the CA Easytrieve...

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Tuesday Tip: EZTPOPT versus EZOPTBL option files

Hi Everyone! I hope that your Tuesday is going well! From time to time, it is good to review what is needed for the option file when running under true release 11.6 or in compatibility mode. Please note that true release 11.6 uses EZOPTBL option file while running in...

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Tuesday Tip: EZT with COBOL 5.1

Hi Everyone! Just a bit of information for you all on this Tuesday regarding the CA Easytrieve Product and COBOL 5.1: We have no reported problems and no compatibility issues. However, there are some considerations for the JCL using the COBOL 5.1 compiler: 1. Work files SYSUT1 thru...