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On the location of alert exit sample (r12.1)

Customizer (shortcut /PARMS) group $ AM ALERTS includes field Alert Exit Name. F1=Help shows the alert exit sample as being found at high-level-qualifier.MSSAMP( $ AMALEXT). However (for NetMaster r12.1) the alert exit sample can be found at high-level-qualifier . ...

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Sample Rexx Procedure for Parsing CSV data

Accurately parsing Endevor CSV data can be challenging when some of the fields can contain free text like descriptions, comments etc. Using the CSV LIST OPTION DELIMITER '|' can help but to be more accurate you need to look for the delimiters AND the bounding quotes. The following two...

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Table Tools Examples

@This document shows examples of the use of ENBPIU00 (also known as the "Table Tool")  - a multi-use Rexx program located in your CSIQCLS0 library.   It is best to use version v.17 or greater for CSV methods.   An updated version of the document is attached (2016 05 11)...

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This sample Rexx performs a copy from one file (SYSUT1) to an output file (SYSUT2) but allows substitution to take place - this example inserts the submitting user's job account information while submitting a job.

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Sample Package Exit (Exit 7)

(Actually this code is based on Endevor sample code originating from Endevor r12 ...)     With this sample code I'd like to contribute to a discussion-item about exit-7. You will need to adapt the code, at least at those points marked with dot's (.....). And I would be glad to...

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Sample CA Ideal Program: GET$DATE

Given a RUN parameter of a 3-character IDEAL SYSTEM ID the GET$DATE program will retrieve, from Datadictionary, all program names for that system via SDF calls to non-Ideal subprogram DDCALL. The program name is then used to read the VLS source library member containing the...

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Sample Program: DCCJCPR sample Java program for the RAAT (Record At A Time) Interface

The attached DCCJCPR sample Java program for the RAAT interface provides a model for coding the RAAT interface in Java. The sample program using the "Record At A Time" interface is activated from a CICS screen with the transaction code DBJC. This transaction code activates the...

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Sample CA Ideal Program: EMPLPAY

This is a CA Ideal program that has the same functionality as Cobol program DBSPCPR ( for CICS transaction DBAC ). THE PURPOSE OF THIS PROGRAM IS TO: (1) GET THE PERSONNEL AND PAYROLL DATA FOR ALL ACTIVE EMPLOYEES LIVING IN TEXAS . ...