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On the location of alert exit sample (r12.1)

Customizer (shortcut /PARMS) group $ AM ALERTS includes field Alert Exit Name. F1=Help shows the alert exit sample as being found at high-level-qualifier.MSSAMP( $ AMALEXT). However (for NetMaster r12.1) the alert exit sample can be found at high-level-qualifier . ...

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Sample CA Ideal Program: GET$DATE

Given a RUN parameter of a 3-character IDEAL SYSTEM ID the GET$DATE program will retrieve, from Datadictionary, all program names for that system via SDF calls to non-Ideal subprogram DDCALL. The program name is then used to read the VLS source library member containing the...

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Sample Program: DCCJCPR sample Java program for the RAAT (Record At A Time) Interface

The attached DCCJCPR sample Java program for the RAAT interface provides a model for coding the RAAT interface in Java. The sample program using the "Record At A Time" interface is activated from a CICS screen with the transaction code DBJC. This transaction code activates the...

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Sample CA Ideal Program: EMPLPAY

This is a CA Ideal program that has the same functionality as Cobol program DBSPCPR ( for CICS transaction DBAC ). THE PURPOSE OF THIS PROGRAM IS TO: (1) GET THE PERSONNEL AND PAYROLL DATA FOR ALL ACTIVE EMPLOYEES LIVING IN TEXAS . ...

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Sample CA Ideal Program: EXPGEN (Export Cards)

This application is provided to be used with IDEAL's Source T ransport Facility. Given a parameter specifying the root program of an application, this program will follow all the relationships recorded in the dictionary to retrieve the sub-programs, panels and reports associated with the...