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[REPLAY] CA Workload Automation CA 7® Edition Performance Analysis and Tuning (Part 2)

Learn how various CA Workload Automation CA 7® Edition command outputs and detailed reports can be used to create easy to understand graphs for a “D.I.Y.” performance review of the main areas of CA 7 processing and gain insight into analyzing the information produced in...

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TECH TIP: How to tune HDAM/PHDAM Databases using Reports from CA Database Analyzer? 

Together with Fast Path DEDB databases, the HDAM/PHDAM database types need to be monitored and tuned most often.  Beside some general dataset attributes (like CISZ/blocksize or Access Method), these (P)HDAM specific DBD parameters are most important for performance:   ...


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Expected CPU Increase After Area Size Increase

Another post from the "IDMS Help Desk" series. As with previous posts on this blog - the question and replies are in the attachment. Enjoy - cheers - GaryC --Original Message-- IDMS-L 2007 From: IDMS User – DBA To: IDMS Help Desk ...