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Tech Tip: CA Datacom Core Products Version 15.1 Additional Enhancements provided via PTF RO92259/DB00147I

Tech Tip from Karina Pulinx, Principal Support Engineer for December 6, 2016.   This is the last in the series of tips for CA Datacom Core Products Version 15.1 enhancement PTF RO92259. RO92259 delivers 10 new features.   With RO92259 applied, a new message, DB00147I , which...

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Unable to obtain a SECFILE Lock.

When using Top Secret r15.0, you may come across the problem of being unable to obtain a SECFILE Lock.  You may also see the following messages in the MVS SYSLOG: =========================================================================== TSS9122I - TSSENQ: UNABLE TO ENQ ON ACID...