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Sample Program: DCJDBPR sample Java program for the RAAT (Record At A Time) interface.

The CA Datacom r15 CICS Services User Guide provides two sample programs that demonstrate the RAAT and JDBC interfaces.  You can also use these modules for additional application development efforts.    The DCJDBPR sample JAVA program is attached to demonstrate the JDBC...

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Sample Program: DCCJCPR sample Java program for the RAAT (Record At A Time) Interface

The attached DCCJCPR sample Java program for the RAAT interface provides a model for coding the RAAT interface in Java.   The sample program using the "Record At A Time" interface is activated from a CICS screen with the transaction code DBJC. This transaction code activates ...

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Pattern Based Development: The Java Side of the Story.ppt

Jeff Highman Cortechs Inc Compare and contrast Advantage Gen pattern based development with object-oriented pattern based development Introduce the J2EE pattern concepts Explore various types Introduce Frameworks and Anti-Patterns Discuss how pattern based development was used for a...