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Tech Tips: Which Elib format is best for you?

Studies have shown BDAM Elibs to be more efficient and provide better performance than VSAM Elibs. However, IBM does not allow BDAM files to span volumes. Therefore, if you can keep your file(s) to a single volume, use BDAM; otherwise use VSAM for multi-volume files.

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Maximum Blocks value for the AUDIT File in CA Top Secret  Security for z/OS - MVS r15.0.

Questions :   1.)  Is there a maximum number of blocks for the 'BLOCKS=' statement for TSSMAINT for the AUDIT files?   2.)  Is a 'large-format' Audit File supported?      Answers :   The Audit Tracking File can be as large as one volume. ...

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VIDEO: HOW TO CHANGE AN EZT OPTION IN THE R11 OPTION FILE JOB06EOP JOB is new to EZT release 11. It has several functions: create, list, change an option. This video will demonstrate how to change an option in the R11 option file using the JOB06EOP job.