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[WEBCAST] Modernizing the Mainframe Developer Experience

Join us on August 28, 2019 at 11 a.m. ET to see the future of mainframe development! We'll walk through an end-to-end modern developer experience, coding with a cutting-edge open-source hosted IDE running in a browser and interacting with an enterprise Git repository bridged to CA Endevor...

 08-28-2019 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET

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SO05963 - CA Endevor SCM V18 "roll-up" PTF available

PTF SO05963 (maintenance roll-up) has been published.  This PTF provides a convenient way for Endevor sites to update their v18 implementation with all product maintenance that has been published since18.0.12 was made Generally Available (GA) in April 2018. Detailed information about...

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Rapidly obtaining the PARMLIB and the E2ELOGMBR member defined to a specific C1DEFLTS table (when you have many to look through) can be performed by executing a REXX within Endevor that issues an API CALL to ENHALSIT (SITE), obtain the information and browse the library where the Event...

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[WEBCAST REPLAY] CA Endevor SCM V18 GA Complete Overview – May 25, 2018

This replay is from our Friday, May 25 webcast.   Learn how it’s updated RESTful API and modern IDE interface, along with added webhook capabilities, dynamic panels with support for long names and spaces, as well as a host of other new features ensure CA Endevor® SCM is a...

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[askCA TRANSCRIPT] CA Endevor & CA Application Lifecycle Conductor – April 10, 2018

Lenn Thompson (CA): @Everyone: Good morning and thanks for joining us today. Let's go ahead and get started. Lenn Thompson (CA): @John: Do you have any questions for the team today? Lenn Thompson (CA): @Rick: Welcome to this month's askCA. Do you have any questions for the team? ...

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Integrating Jenkins Pipeline with CA Endevor Software Change Manager

This video demonstrates using the CA Application Lifecycle Conductor plugin for Jenkins to facilitate the automatic packaging of CA Endevor changes and driving them through a release pipeline. The pipeline includes the build of the changes, static analysis of the source code using SonarQube and...

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Eclipse UI is a part of the base product.

On behalf of the Product Management team, I would like to inform you that from now on the CA Endevor SCM Eclipse-Based UI is delivered with the base product. You no longer need to purchase the CA Endevor QuickEdit option to use our plugin.

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[WEBCAST REPLAY] Realize the Benefits of CA Endevor SCM Incremental Releases

The CA Incremental Release delivery methodology expedites delivery of new product features to enables customers to gain the benefits as soon as they are deemed ready by the validation partner team members.   Watch this replay and hear from CA Endevor® Software Change Manager...

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Webcast Replay: What to Know Migrating from CA Panvalet Librarian to CA Endevor [Mar. 9th]

Learn the steps for using CA M3A to migrate your CA Panvalet / Librarian solution to CA Endevor® Software Change Manager, and explore why CA Endevor SCM is the leading mainframe SCCM solution, and one of the highest rated CA products by NPS.   With CA Panvalet and CA Librarian...