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Thank You for taking the NPS Surveys for CA View/Deliver and Spool

The CA View/Deliver and CA Spool Customer Feedback survey has closed.  I want to thank everyone who responded.  We truly appreciate your partnership and commitment to the future of CA View/Deliver and CA Spool to further improve your overall experience and value you receive from your...

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ECM ideation intent.pdf

Description of how the CA Enterprise Content Management team is managing product ideas submitted by the community.


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Tuesday Tip:  Deliver - Use of Group ID (GRPID)

The "GRPID ==>" field was added to the Deliver Report Definition panel, where you can specify a 1- to 8-character GROUPID to customize a report's output for archival.   Only valid on JES2 systems, the GROUPID parameter is used in a JCL "// OUTPUT " statement to specify that a...

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Tuesday Tip: Deliver - Use of Archival Report Identifier (Arch ID)

On a Deliver 12.0 (and higher) Report Definition Attributes panel, you are able to specify a 1-to-32-character archival Report Identifier (Arch ID ===>  ), that designates the Report ID that will be used when collected to CA View.   With this functionality is provided an...