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Tech Tip: CA Datacom Core Products Version 15.1 Additional Enhancements provided via PTF RO92259/DF_DS_OP and DF_DS_CL 

Tech Tip from Karina Pulinx, Principal Support Engineer for November 22, 2016.   This is another in the series of tips for CA Datacom Core Products Version 15.1 enhancement PTF RO92259 . RO92259 delivers 10 new features.   DBMUFPR ACCESS has been enhanced to allow for a new...

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NetMaster (SOLVE) SH VSAMX command under SH VSAM command help

  When browsing the NetMaster (SOLVE) command list     (obtained via option CMD> HELP>   ENTER on List of Commands), the SH VSAM is clearly seen. Once selected, this  online   help also shows the SH VSAMX command on the right side...