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[REPLAY] CA Database Modernization Strategy – July 2019

This video is a replay of our July 30, 2019 webcast by the same name. Do you want to make your CA databases easier to manage? Are you interested in automating your CA database administration operations? Would you like to use modern development tools to maintain your CA IDMS and CA Datacom...

CA Database Modernization Strategy .mp4

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Generating PDFs for the Datacom Products

Did you know that you can generate and download a PDF for each of the CA Datacom product spaces by selecting the PDF link toward the top of the Home page? You can also generate a PDF for each of the individual sections of content. For example, to create a PDF of the Using section, click "Using"...

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CA Datacom Core Products 12.0 for z/VSE

August 2 7 , 2018 To: CA Datacom Customers From: The CA Technologies Datacom Product Team Subject: Replacement for GA AWS File for CA Datacom Core Products We discovered a problem with the current CA Datacom Core Products 12.0...

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[REPLAY] CA Datacom: Table Move 24 by 7

A new CA Datacom facility can reorganize the tables in a data area into a new dataset without an outage. If there is no maintenance to the tables during the facility’s execution, the rows in the data tables will be in pristine native key sequence when complete.

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[REPLAY] CA Datacom Block Size Alter 24 by 7 (BA24)

A new CA Datacom facility allows a user to modify an existing database data area to use a different block size without closing the database. Besides changing the block size, if there is no maintenance during execution of this new facility, the data will be in pristine native key sequence when it...