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Tech Tip : CA Datacom VSAM Transparency 14.0 - Storage Protection turned on in CICS

CA Tech Tip from Karina Pulinx, Principal Support Engineer, for June 21,2016.   With Storage Protection turned on in CICS , STGPROT=YES in CICS SIT, DVVMTPR,DVVXPPR and DVXP2PR need to have  EXECKEY(CICS) in the CICS Program Definition . This requirement is currently not documented...

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Tech-tip: With Top Secret CICS FACILITY, what is the difference between TASKLIFE and SESSLIFE?

The output from the Top Secret command: TSS MODI FAC(CICSPROD) , shows something like this:   TSS9550I FACILITY DISPLAY FOR CICSPROD                         &...

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Tuesday Tip: What is ADRSUB and what function does it serve?

ADRSUB is the DDNAME for the  Internal Reader (IRDR) and is only used with CA Ideal and CA Dataquery.  The definition for (IRDR) in supplied in member VQ14CSD in the CAVQSAMP library for CA IPC r14 and VQ15CSD, for CA IPC r15.   A site can have this dynamically allocated if...

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Sample CA Ideal Program: EMPLPAY

This is a CA Ideal program that has the same functionality as Cobol program  DBSPCPR ( for CICS transaction DBAC ).   THE PURPOSE OF THIS PROGRAM IS TO:                      ...