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Tech Tip: Librarian compatibility with COBOL 

There are no compatibility issues that exist between Librarian and COBOL 5.2.  Librarian does not deal directly with the Cobol Compiler, so therefore there are no fixes or changes required.

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TECH TIPS: How to reinitialize LAM after applying a PTF

Steps to Perform:  1. Update the RIMPARMS member referenced by your Common Service startup PROC with the following RIMPARM:     PRODUCT(CA-LIB44) VERSION(LJ44) INIT(LJ44INIT) PARM(REINIT,NAME=LAM) 2. Ensure your Common Services startup PROC steplib points to the...

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Tech Tips: How to copy members from a Librarian Master File to a PDS.

You can copy selected members or all members from a Librarian Master File to a PDS. Example below: //**********************************************************************************************************************    THIS SAMPLE JCL WILL USE THE GROUP PROCESSING OPTION...

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Tuesday's Tips: Librarian Compatibility Check for IBM zBC12

CA Librarian release 4.4 is not hardware dependent and no maintenance is required for IBM  Z processors. However, if the serial number is changing then would need a new LMPKEY. Would need to contact CA - Liscensing Department.