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[VIDEO] CA Mainframe Compatibility and Lifecycle Information

Hi all, Here is an excellent video that explains how to locate the Compatibility matrices and product Lifecycle information on CA Support Online.   Please take a look and let us know what you think.   June 

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Tech Tip: Librarian compatibility with COBOL 

There are no compatibility issues that exist between Librarian and COBOL 5.2.  Librarian does not deal directly with the Cobol Compiler, so therefore there are no fixes or changes required.

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TECH TIPS: How to reinitialize LAM after applying a PTF

Steps to Perform:  1. Update the RIMPARMS member referenced by your Common Service startup PROC with the following RIMPARM:     PRODUCT(CA-LIB44) VERSION(LJ44) INIT(LJ44INIT) PARM(REINIT,NAME=LAM) 2. Ensure your Common Services startup PROC steplib points to the...