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Repository Tip: JOB STEP and FILE Cleanup

Description: As Jobs and/or Procs are imported into the CA Repository for z/OS via the Exchange for JCL, STEP associations are created linking a JOB/PROC (Entity) to the corresponding JOB STEP (Entity). Over time if the Job Steps are no longer a part of a re-scanned job/proc, the corresponding...

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Repository Tip: Guide for overall Repository Performance Maintenance

As time goes by and data is continuously loaded into the Repository, you may notice that the Overall performance of the repository degrades. Routine maintenance must be performed to keep the Repository running at optimal performance. This includes DB2 Runstats, rebinds, and reorgs....

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On WebCenter Performance Charts and CA SYSVIEW LOADLIB

After you install WebCenter Performance Charts to use it with your NetMaster for TCP/IP region, NetMaster requires accessibility to the CA SYSVIEW LOADLIB, either via the system linklist (which is the typical situation) or via STEPLIB in the NetMaster JCL.   The reason for this...

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Alert sources in NetMaster (displayed on shortcut /ALERTS)

  Alerts in NetMaster (displayed on shortcut /ALERTS) can come   f rom the following sources: a) IP Node Monitor and IP Resource Monitor     Raises alerts based on the performance of specified attributes of IP resources. The alerts  can be: ...

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Repository Tip: Long Connect Strings in WebStation Option

A search object in WebStation Option can connect to another relational database management system (RDBMS) such as Oracle or MS SQL server. The rules for connecting to another RDBMS in a search object are:   � The search object must specify a WSO Connect command as follows: (RDBMS...

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Repository Tip: Repository Exchange / DB2 Table Correlation

The following SQL can be issued against the DB2 Subsystem where the CA Repository for z/OS is installed to determine the various DB2 Tables used for each Repository Exchange. This information may be useful for cleanup efforts, routine maintenance etc.   SELECT    &...

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How to Create an Idea in the CA Repository for z/OS Community

This document is a step by step guide for creating an Idea in the CA Repository Community. The intent is to help others find their way through the screens to the Idea area and guide them on filling out the Idea screens.