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Re: Hi All, I have been asked to schedule an event based on different time zone (IST) Current the local system time is Central time. Please advise

powdo03 #daylightsavingtime #espmainframe Hi Don, Apologies for the delay!. Stuck up with a project work. I have created a below test event EVENT ID(DP.DALD PUSHTEST) SYSTEM(DALD) REPLACE SCHEDULE 02.00 IST MONTHLY STARTING TUE 21ST MAY 2019 INVOKE 'DPCJCDS0.ESPWORK.PROC(PUSHTEST)' ...

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ESP and ENBP1000

We are playing with #esp submitting #endevor pkgs and have run into a few snags and am in search of some "real world" feedback. Here's what we have set up: ESP appl run under a "service id" that kicks off #enbp1000 job contains a "manual job" entry for the endevor submitted intrdr pkg job ...

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Oracle 12 with Informatica Agent

We have Informatica with Oracle 12c on the back end. Information I have found says the Informatica agent for ESP only supports 11 but everything else with ESP seems to support 12. Can anyone confirm that the Informatica plugin won't work with Oracle 12. Seems crazy to me that this would be the...