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 Limit to amount of events that can be triggered?

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Keith Grizzell posted Aug 13, 2022 01:25 PM

I was just wondering out of curiosity if there is a limit to how many events ESP can trigger in any given time. Asking because we have added many more events over the last few months due to new billing and policy applications. So now we have many new have Events that are triggered every 5, 10 , 15 min etc.


Keith Grizzell
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Broadcom Employee Lucy Zhang

Hi Keith,

There is no set maximum limit.

The total of EICLASS MPL defines how many event/job related requests can be processed concurrently. And if there are more requests than that, they will be queued in ESP CKPT file. 

So the size of the CKPT can be a physical limit on how many requests can be queued. 

I suggest that you can set up an ESP batch to issue OPER LISTCKPT when ESP is busy, and see if it's approaching its maximum size.

Hope this helps,


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Keith Grizzell
Thank you Lucy