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 Install Agent, silent for ESP using nomanager parm

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Lowell Fultz posted May 23, 2023 03:24 PM

The company is still in "merger" mode, meaning we're running CA7 on one side, and ESP on the other for now. The Agent installer pkg is the same for both products, so I assumed they would behave the same way.

However...running a silent install and leaving the Manager data blank (opt 4) for a CA7 Agent,and using the communication.nomanagers.abort.disable=true parm works perfectly for CA7 Agents. Any Manager that makes a connection, "leaves it's mark" in the agentparm file. But we've tried using that same method for ESP agents and it does not appear to work. The Agent won't even start. 

Is this a difference in how the Agents function in CA7 & ESP, or are we missing something?

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Nicolas Colicchio

It should not matter which Manager you are using for this to work ... 
during the install ensure that you have this coded in your file.
NUM_MANAGER_4=No Managers

If the agent is not starting it may be for other reasons ... take a look at the logs generated or  the nohup.stdout and nohup.stderr files in the agent's directory for a clue as to what is the problem.

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Lowell Fultz

HI Nicolas,

   I’ve been installing Agents using this method in CA7 for about 6 years, and I understand the Properties file requirements for this type of install. As I said, it works fine for CA7. I used the CA7 Install Template for ESP installs, and I’ve scoured the logs for why it’s not working for ESP.

But I will try another install and see what I get and update the Case. Thank you

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Nicolas Colicchio

Hi Lowell,
     was not trying to offend, I myself have managed ESP Agents since version 1.2 ... so have alot of history with these agents ... when you say leave its mark on the agentparm.txt file ... when you force a manager to work with an agent ... unless you use the persistent flag ... it will not update the agentparm.txt file. 
so the message coming from the manager will only be valid for that instance of the process ... if the process is restarted the manager is no longer defined.  I have not used CA7 in over 25 years so not sure what the equivalent of the agentmsg command is there ...  here is what is in the documentation  for ESP on updating the manager on the agent.
AGENTMSG {date|.} {time|.} agentname {from|.} {objectname|.}
verb subverb [(keyword)]
REFRESH Security|
SETPROPERTY PROPERTY1(log.level={0|1|2|3|4|5})

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Broadcom Employee Nitin Pande

Hi Lowell,
The ESP and CA7 use the same exact agent.  The WA agent binary is same for ESP, CA 7, dSeries and Autosys. 
If you leave manager fields blank, the mgraddr from ESP should be able to add itself to agent.
You can open a case and we can check the logs for the root cause.

Nitin Pande

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Lowell Fultz

Hey Nicolas,

    I've been married with children for 42 years, so you have to work very hard to offend if I gave that impression, I apologize. I was mainly trying to convey that I have experience with the product. A lot of times, that helps someone who is responding understand that they aren't dealing with a complete newbie. I admit I'm new to ESP, all of my experience has been with installing the Agents for CA7. I was curious if there were any differences  

So with that being said, I have to admit that I'm not familiar with the  "persistent flag". It's never been a parm I've needed to supply for the CA7 Agent installs. I will look into your suggestions, and definitely appreciate you help. Stay tuned ;)

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Lowell Fultz

Hi Nitin,

   I actually DO have a Case open (33352694) about it. I just posted here also.