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Wilmer Ramirez posted Jan 10, 2023 10:06 AM

I am testing CA Log Analyzer 20.0 on a db2 Version: 121M500.

I have a question:

In the DML Activity - Detail Report, when updates have been made by a CICS transaction, I can see in:
Committed Connection-id : DCTLCICS the name of the CICS where the transaction has been executed,
in Correlation-id : POOLXCTA0001 the name of the transaction that has made the update, but....
How can I identify the user who has performed this action?

I know that the Primary Auth-ID is the variable that should help you to identify the user.
But only when updates are made by batch processes.


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Broadcom Employee Steen Rasmussen
Hello Wilmer, Log Analyzer can only report on what's in the log-records so I am afraid you can't see the information of interest.
On a side note, Detector has this option named View-By-Keys which can be enabled - no additional overhead, but additional reports where you can view end-user-id, workstation-id etc.

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Wilmer Ramirez

Thank you very much Steen, for your prompt response. You mention "Detector". refers to other CA software (CA Detector for DB2 for z/OS) that provides information for identify programs and

SQL statements that affect the DB2 system, regardless of whether these SQL statements originate from CICS, TSO, or another connection.

We do not have this other Software. We have found in CA Log Analyzer libraries, JCL'S CDBAJCL(DPACSV1) but we are not sure that it can help us if we do not have the software installed.

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Broadcom Employee Steen Rasmussen
Hello again Wilmer,
CDBAJCL(DPACSV1) is a sample JCL to unload CA Detector datastore so you can do your own reports on SQL performance metrics, so since you don't have DETECTOR, unfortunately you can't benefit from this.

Best  /Steen
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Broadcom Employee Denis Tronin
Hello Wilmer,

Do you happen to have SYSVIEW for Db2 product? It gives thread level information that includes CICS details (and this info is similar to Detector's data from a certain perspective).

Thank you,