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  • 1.  Zowe Workshop @ HoGent

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jan 13, 2023 10:26 AM

    Just about a month ago, in December 2022, we were invited to present Zowe to the mainframe students of the largest University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Flanders - HoGent. Their mission is to educate and train future-proof students and in order to guarantee the long-term employability in a changing society, they believe that future-proof skills are central to every study program.

    Leendert Blondeel, our hosting professor, has been successfully preparing young mainframers to enter the Belgian market with strong core skills and he wanted to do more, he wanted those new engineers to modernize and disrupt their domain. For this, he invited us to present Zowe.

    And so we did... I and Sergei Kurnevich eagerly traveled from Prague to Ghent to meet with Maurice Gennotte and Mark Ottolander from Broadcom's Dutch team and together we delivered an exciting workshop to the students of HoGent. Here I must say it was an exciting event. My previous experience with delivering the same material to seasoned mainframers was completely disrupted. Everybody was consuming the content with mind-blowing speed and comprehension. Everything happened so naturally, it was the strongest proof I had witnessed so far for the power of Zowe when used by young professionals.

  • 2.  RE: Zowe Workshop @ HoGent
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    Community Manager
    Posted Jan 30, 2023 09:26 AM
    This is great, Boris. Keep sharing these types of things with our new community members!

    Lenn Thompson
    Community Manager, Mainframe Division
    Broadcom Inc.