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The Connections List View Has Been Enhanced in NetMaster

  • 1.  The Connections List View Has Been Enhanced in NetMaster

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Apr 16, 2024 04:16 PM

    To our valued customers:

    NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP has been updated to provide network administrators and network security staff with enhanced connection troubleshooting capabilities. The Connections list display (from /CONNC) now includes a new column, I/F, that displays the the interface name used for the last outbound packet. Being able to see the interface name in the Connections list helps network managers to more efficiently troubleshoot and resolve issues. In addition, as part of the enhancement, when you access stack interface statistics from the Traffic Statistics panel (/IPTRS), the Interface Traffic panel now includes a Connections action that displays a connection list filtered by the EZBNMIFR interface name field. For additional information on viewing connection lists and details, refer to the the 3270 help and the Managing Connections topics. 

    To enable this enhancement, apply PTF LU12795.

    Bryan Shuman
    Staff Technical Writer | Mainframe Division
    750 Holiday Dr. | Pittsburgh, PA 15220 |