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SYSVIEW CICS TS 6.2 ETP10 Open Beta Support (LU09928)

  • 1.  SYSVIEW CICS TS 6.2 ETP10 Open Beta Support (LU09928)

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Apr 24, 2023 02:11 PM

    April 24th, 2023

    To:         SYSVIEW Performance Management Customers

    From:     The Broadcom SYSVIEW Product Team

    Subject:  SYSVIEW 17.0 Continuous Delivery Feature PTF General Availability Announcement

    On behalf of Broadcom, we appreciate your business and the opportunity to provide you with high-quality, innovative software and services.  As part of our ongoing commitment to customer success under the Continuous Delivery model, we are pleased to announce the General Availability (GA) of the following feature PTF:  

    LU09928 CICS TS 6.2 ETP10 Open Beta Support 

    This feature PTF provides SYSVIEW users with compatibility support for IBM CICS Transaction Server (TS) version 6.2 ETP10 Open Beta. Other updates included with this PTF are - 

    • CICS Open TCB support and DSA storage constraint relief was updated. SYSVIEW customers can run all SYSVIEW CICS transactions and programs on a CICS Open TCB, and use 31-bit EDSA storage instead of 24-bit DSA storage. The changes will provide 24-bit storage relief, thus reducing impact caused by SYSVIEW on constrained CICS resources.
    • Monitoring of CICS short on storage (SOS) conditions in CICS TS 5.6 and higher was enhanced. DSA is short on storage (CICS_DSA_SOSStatus) data collection metric was enhanced to support new RsceName values of PVT, EPVT and GPVT.
    • Monitoring of programs invoked using the CALL statement was updated. SYSVIEW CICS users can now monitor and collect usage of calls to programs that do not utilize EXEC CICS LINK or XCTL. These calls are sometimes referred to as COBOL dynamic calls. 
    • CTCLASS command was updated. The new field 'PurgeAct' will allow SYSVIEW users to view the action CICS takes for a request that starts a transaction when its associated TRANCLASS has reached the purge threshold.

    We have included a Product Brief that details the features and highlights of this release. We also encourage you to visit the SYSVIEW Performance Management product information page on the Broadcom Support Online website at for more information

    Thank you again for your business.

    Rachita Issar | PO | Broadcom