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Spool 14.0 - New Checklist Articles

  • 1.  Spool 14.0 - New Checklist Articles

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Dec 12, 2022 01:52 PM

    Hello Spool Community,

    We've recently added the following articles to the Spool documentation to improve your experience with the product:

    • Installation Checklist - This checklist helps you prepare for and perform a Spool installation. It lists the tasks that you'll perform, the typical role who performs the task, and the approximate time requirement. Each task links to an article that has more information about the task. The checklist can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet so that you can make notes during the installation.
    • Day 1 Task Checklist - This checklist summarizes key tasks to help you start using Spool for the first time. As in the Installation Checklist, the typical roles, approximate time requirements, and links to the appropriate articles are included. This checklist can also be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet.

     For more information about Spool, see the Spool Documentation.