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Now Available: Gen installation for z/OSMF

  • 1.  Now Available: Gen installation for z/OSMF

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jan 10, 2023 11:42 AM

    I am pleased to announce that we now offer a Gen ZOSMF.pax.Z as a z/OSMF Portable Software Instance (PSWI) for Gen 8.6 on z/OS. 

    Benefits to you: 

    • Gain immediate access to valuable features, including: 
      • Consuming REST APIs in Gen's CICS applications (details here
      • Software built with upgraded compilers (details here)
      • ECI middleware enabling larger than 32k cooperative flow with CICS containers (details here)
      • Support for DB2 universal call attach (DSNULI) (details here)
    • z/OSMF is the new industry standard for all mainframe installations. It is supported by all the industry leaders, including Broadcom, IBM, and BMC. 
    • Chorus Software Management(CSM) will be discontinued next year. Adopt z/OSMF now to ensure uninterrupted support for your mainframe systems!

    What is z/OSMF? IBM® z/OS® Management Facility (z/OSMF) provides system management functions in a task-oriented, web browser-based user interface with integrated user assistance, so that you can more easily manage the day-to-day operations and administration of your mainframe z/OS systems. 

    IMPORTANT: Chorus Software Management (CSM) will no longer be enhanced and maintenance and technical support, including self-service support, will be discontinued effective June 30, 2023. Announcement Here

    You can find Gen's installation for z/OSMF here: 

    1. Go to Support > My Downloads > Gen
    2. Select a mainframe product
    3. Select 8.6 with service pack level 2210. ( level 2111 is the 'classic' format, not for z/OSMF)

    Additional documentation in Tech Docs: 


    • This PSWI contains CA Recommended Service (CARS) Level 2210 which is all Gen fixes and enhancements published by September 30,2022. 
    • This PSWI is a full product install and cannot be installed on top of Gen 8.6 Level 0000 (GA) or Gen 8.6 Service Update Level 2111.
    • Maintenance can be applied using z/OSMF Software Update, but configuration of Gen products continues to be a manual process.
    • This PAX file is a new deliverable, when acquired and deployed it will create a Software Instance that contains a new Gen 8.6 install. 
    • Customers who have installed Gen 8.6 at any level (Level 0000 on z/OS or Service Pack 2111) using any format (CSM or SAMPJCL) can import the CSI they installed Gen in into z/OSMF. Broadcom provides a Migration Tool (details here)
    • This software requires that Language Environment be updated and targets Architecture level 10.  Please read the Release Notes thoroughly.
    • In 2019 we announced that Broadcom products, including Gen, would be adopting a Continuous Delivery model. This is similar to the previous Incremental Release strategy, but with fewer barriers for customers and even more emphasis on delivering value early in smaller pieces that enable customers to supervise and minimize impact to their business. For more information regarding Continuous Delivery, check out this article and this webcast.

    Kim Peelman
    Product Owner, Gen
    Plano, TX