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New Zowe CLI Installation Checklist Available

  • 1.  New Zowe CLI Installation Checklist Available

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Dec 05, 2022 03:46 PM

    Hello Brightside community!

    Check out our latest addition to Brightside TechDocs, the new Zowe CLI Installation Checklist.

    Where to find it: In the Installing section of the Brightside documentation.

    What it is: A task-based reference that helps make your Zowe CLI installation easy by providing step-by-step guidance.

    How to use it: Tasks are listed in order from preparation to installation and configuration. We also identify the roles typically required to complete each step. Lastly, we include an Excel spreadsheet you can use to add your own notes to reference for future installations and enterprise rollout. 

    Tell us what you think: Send us your suggestions! Let us know how we can improve the installation process. 

    Ana X. Ceron
    Senior Technical Writer